The MoonWorx lunar calendar - a "tear-off calendar" as app.

MoonWorx 2 - the popular lunar calendar with many advanced features and new contents. MoonWorx the lunar calendar - the famous “ tear-off calendar ” as an app. The calendar calculates moon phases from January 2015 to December 2019.
But it is much more than that! 







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The moon at this moment

Current moon phase, time of entry into the next phase of the moon Yes Yes
Images of the moon of the day before yesterday, yesterday, today, tomorrow and the day after tomorrow Yes Yes

Current zodiac sign, time of entry into the next zodiac

Yes Yes
Word of the daily quality for all 48 combinations of moon phase and zodiac No Yes
Tap-Function to switch quickly between daily views (yesterday, today, tomorrow, and beyond ...) No Yes
Date selection for any day in the supported period No Yes

Daily Characteristics

Element clickable (fire, earth , water, air ) No Yes
Quality clickable (warm, cold, water, light) No Yes
Plants clickable (roots, flowers, fruits, leaves) No Yes
Food quality clickable ( fat / oil, carbohydrates, protein, salt ) No Yes
Body regions (corresponding to the zodiac) with alternative care tips and yoga exercises No Yes
Biorhythm individually adjustable for any date No Yes
Unlimited number of biorhythms saveable (Android) No Yes

Daily Tips

6 main categories (home, garden, nutrition, personal care, hair care, health) Yes Yes
45 categories / activities Yes Yes
More than 1200 texts, categorized into very suitable, suitable and unsuitable days No Yes

Monthly View / Search

Monthly View of the moon phases and zodiac signs Yes Yes
Exact timing of the sign change and the full and new moon phase Yes Yes
Calculation / search for very good, good and bad days suitable for the 45 categories / activities No Yes
Export appointment to Calendar No Yes


Short Guide Yes Yes
Multilingual: English and German Yes Yes
Enjoy freedom of advertising No Yes

iPhone / iPad specific functions

Valid from January 2013 to December 2019 No Yes
AirPrint printing for the day view, including the tips of the day No Yes

Android specific functions

Valid from January 2015 to December 2019 Yes Yes
Widgets in 3 different sizes for home screen No Yes
Void of course No Yes
Rise and set of sun and moon Yes Yes
Void of course Yes Yes

This app requires no internet connection.

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Release Date: November 2013
Platforms: iOS 11+, Android 4.0, Windows 10
Languages: English, German
Current Version: iOS 3.0.2 (06/2020) / Android 2.2 (09/11/2015)

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